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We are Londoners is one of the leading web hosting companies in London today. We from the very beginning aim at cent percent customer satisfaction. In our field, every day we have customers who approach us for web hosting  services. Most of the people are businessmen who don’t have the understanding of the technical know-how of how things work in cyber world. So often people end up selecting wrong web hosting package for their website. 

But We are Londoners is there to ensure that you select the most suitable one for perfect growth of your business. Here we deal with people who want a dedicated server.  As the name suggests dedicated means that the whole resources are for your sole website with no sharing of any kind. It’s like buying own house. By selecting a dedicated server, all the resources are inclines to your account and no one else can bother you on the server. We have various dedicated server hosting packages available with us that might appeal you. Often people think that one cannot upgrade one the package has been bought. 

But in our case you can easily upgrade your plan as your site grows. Often e-commerce website or quite dynamic websites are the one which need a complete server to themselves for their smooth functioning. Whatever package you choose, we ensure that your server is set up properly and to your specification. We understand your need and give you a personal support team for managing your hosting. Using our dedicated server service you get added reliability compared to shared hosting. You have the complete control of your resources that helps you to increase your uptime. We also give you root access to the server that equips you to install programs and configure certain custom applications.

Also one can identify issues and solve them before they could affect the website. We are Londoners also give you the support of its trained IT professionals with our dedicated server plans. Our trained technical support team solves all your website trouble shooting issues or changing server setting issues very quickly and easily. We ensure smooth functioning of your website. We ensure your experience with We are Londoners will be valuable business investment. You yourself can measure the growth of your website with our impeccable service.

Many times people worry about security of the server; we give you high standard of security as well as scalability. Our past clients have very pleasant experience with us.  We are happy to receive positive response from our clients. But our hunger for helping the people is still not over. Our whole team work very hard and with full dedication to make your website grow faster. We give all services from hosting to domain registration. If you want to know about different packages, you can call us on the number on the website. We give you the best deals with descent prices. We also customize the plan if you feel the need to do so. So call us today.